CAPES Print: Integrated Network for Education and Inclusive Formative Processes


Descrição: Successful developed countries had their education strategies based on decisive inflections in the context of knowledge production and scientific dissemination; equity in access to education; public policies; educational inclusion; high-level and continuous teacher training; development and evaluation of educational program designs with an eye towards improving student achievement. Brazil did not promote this revolution and, despite important advances, may miss opportunities in advancing global debates. Past strategies, even the most successful ones, can no longer be repeated, and Brazil must look for new ways to offer educational opportunities for all sectors of society and wealth and well-being to its population. This effort is aligned to Brazilian policies and the objectives set by UNESCO, which states that besides promoting basic knowledge, attitudes and cognitive, social and emotional skills, the content of learning must promote problem-solving and creative thinking, understanding and respect for human rights; inclusion and equity, and cultural diversity (UNESCO Education Strategy 2014/2021, p. 25). Therefore, this proposed research network has the objective of understanding how to develop public policies and training processes, mediated by digital technologies and assistive technology, to promote inclusion, fighting the educational, digital and social inequalities, valuing differences and human diversity in a transnational scenario. It will investigate theoretical innovations, methodological and implementation aspects related to teacher training and educational stakeholder formation to foster inclusive school settings and enhance student achievement. It intends to maximize experiences developed abroad to understand local and global social and educational challenges and, simultaneously, to establish sustainable cooperation to reduce inequalities through reciprocal contributions that stem from expertise of the national and international partner institutions.

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